8 Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs: The Bigger, The Better!

All owners want to keep their big dogs comfortable, and one great way to keep those large-sized canines happy is with a quality dog bed made just for them!

best beds for large dogs

Best Dog Beds for Large Dogs Reviews

There are many great dog beds made specifically for large and extra large canines – these beds have support and designs tailored to aid large dogs with joint problems and help prevent (and ease) arthritis.

1. Big Barker Bed for Large Dogsbest dog beds for larger dogs

The Big Barker Dog Bed is widely considered to be the best dog bed for large dogs.

With 7 inches of supportive orthopedic foam, it boasts extreme comfort and weight distribution, specially designed for larger dogs.

It’s no wonder this dog bed is one of the most popular for owners with large breeds. See why owners rave about the Big Barker and why it’s one of the highest recommended dog beds online!

The Big Barker comes in several sizes: Large, Extra Large, and Giant!

2. Heavy Duty XL Orthopedic Big Dog Bedextra large dog beds

This heavy duty orthopedic dog bed for large dog breeds offers orthopedic comfort memory foam at a more affordable price.

The waterproof zipper covering means it’s easy to clean and maintain, and its plush memory foam makes it a great choice for the large canine in your life.

3. Dog Bed King Cuddler Bed

extra large orthopedic dog beds

This rounded dog bed is perfect for extra large cuddlers! The raised edges are ideal for dogs that prefer to curl up into balls when they sleep.

Some dogs, especially those with anxiety, prefer the raised edges found in bolster dog beds, as the raised sides make the dog feel safer and more secure while sleeping.

Like other beds, the King Cuddler extra large dog bed provides comfortable foam padding with a removable, machine-washable cover.

While some have found the foam to be low quality (owners report it’s made of basic egg crate foam), other find it satisfactory.

This bed is probably not the best choice for dogs that are rough, as some report active dogs chewing or tearing through the fabric. However, for those with calmer dogs, it may be a good choice.

4. Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed

cheap large dog beds

The Happy Hounds Oscar Orthopedic Dog Bed is another favorite for large dogs.

The support foam is covered by a reversible cover – choose from cozy sherpa or microfiber. The cover can also be removed via zipper and washed.

While some owners report that this bed’s foam is simply cheap egg crate foam, many large dogs still seem to enjoy this bed.

5. Overstuffed XXXL Jumbo Dog Bed

cheap large dog beds

This giant overstuffed dog bed features a mix of shredded memory foam and provides 8-10 inches of support.

This large dog bed coves with two cover layers – a waterproof internal cover and a soft microsuede top cover.

The manufacturers also run a deal where you can get a free extra suede bed cover when you purchase two dog beds in one order, which is a nice added bonus!

6. Corner Dog Bed for Large Dogs

large dog bed

This corner dog bed is similar to the style of the above mentioned overstuffed dog bed, except that this bed is designed specifically as a corner bed.

Corner beds can easily be tucked into a room corner, helping to save space.

The oatmeal colored sherpa fabric can fit in with any home decor – however, it is worth noting that this bed’s cover is not waterproof, so it may not be the best choice dog dogs struggling with incontinence or house training.

Owners love the thickness and size of the bed (which manages to be super large without taking up too much space wedged in a corner), with many remarking that the bed does a great job at maintaining its shape.

If you have a large dog but are short on space, check this one out.

7. Majestic Bagel Large Dog Bedcheap dog beds for large dogs

This super large bagel-shaped bolster dog bed provides polyester fiber fill in a thick suede cushion.

Some have reported problems with this bed after washing, while others have no issues.

8. XXL Durable Microsuede Large Dog Bed

large orthopedic dog beds

Boasting nearly perfect review, this XXL Durable Microsuede Bed is another fan favorite dog bed for extra large dogs.

This bed has therapeutic memory foam, and provides an internal waterproof layer plus a removable, washable outer layer made of microsuede.

Owners note that this is the real deal – a thick slab of quality memory foam, no bait and switch.

While this dog bed is substantial, owners with rough dogs may still opt for a chew-proof dog bed that can provide even more durability against chewers.

In Summary: Choosing the Best Dog Bed For Large Breeds

Dog beds vary in quality and price – cheaper dog beds will provide only a a thin layer of memory foam (if any), combined with lesser foam, egg crate foam, or other filler. Dogs spend a lot of time sleeping, so it’s important to pick a high-quality dog bed for your aging canine.

While these options work fine for many, those with larger, older dogs who are suffering from arthritis will likely want to purchase a dog bed with full authentic orthopedic memory foam. 

For those situations, we’d recommend picking up the Big Barker (#1), which gets outstanding, unparalleled praise from owners. You’d also be well off trying the #8 or #2 dog beds, which also offer authentic, thick slab memory foam.

WINNER: If we had to choose one single winner, it would be the Big Barker Dog Bed. Many of these dog beds for big dogs can fit your needs, and ultimately the best dog bed for your large dog will depend on your unique situation, but as the Big Barker has received nothing but adoration from owners, we can’t help but award them as our top pick.

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