Best Dog Collars For Pulling: Reclaim The Walk!

best dog collar for pulling

Taking your dog for a walk is a great way to bond with your pet, as well as get them the exercise they need to stay calm, happy, and healthy.

However, some owners find themselves dreading and even avoiding walks with their dogs due to their pulling nature. A pulling dog is no fun to walk and can be very stressful.

The good news is that with the right collar, usage, and training, owners can reclaim the walk and make it once again an enjoyable experience.

Key Features of the Best Dog Collar For Pulling

Not all dog collars for pulling are made the same. Some may offer unique colors and designs, but do not offer any important functionality.

There are certain elements you’ll want to look for in a pulling dog collar to ensure that it is safe for your dog and functions as intended.

  • Soft Material. One of the most important features of an anti-pulling dog collar is the material it is made from. Soft material is best, such as mesh or wool, as it helps keep pressure off the dog. A rough collar can rub the dog too harshly and cause irritation.
  • Harness Collar. When it comes to preventing pulling, owners should seek out harness-style collars. Tugging at the leash when a dog is wearing a traditional collar can often result in injuries to disks, nerves, cervical spine, and even tracheal collapse for small dogs. Harnesses put pressure on the dog’s chest and armpit area rather than the neck, helping to prevent injury.
  • Adjustable. It is also important that the pulling dog collar is adjustable. When it comes to anti-pulling harnesses, one size does not fit all. An adjustable collar ensures the fit is correct for the dog’s size and shape, and it is better if there are multiple adjustable points.
  • Quick-Release Buckle. A quick-release buckle allows you to get the collar off your dog quickly. This is useful when the dog is pulling away to get back inside the house, or in the case of an emergency.
  • Underbody Protection. Harnesses that only focus on protecting the chest do not eliminate all uncomfortable sensations your dog feels. Your dog’s underbody needs extra protection, such as wool material, to keep your dog’s legs from becoming sore.

4 Best Dog Collars For Pulling: Prevent the Pull!

Several brands of dog collars offer anti-pulling features. Here’s our quick guide for recommended collars to stop pulling. We’ll detail a few recommended options in detail below.

Dog CollarOur RatingPrice
Smizel Dog Harness4.5 stars$
PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness4 stars$
Yuppy Puppy Stop Pulling Harness4 stars$$
Gentle Lead Dog Collar4.5 stars$

1. Smizel Dog Harness

dog collar for pulling

Price: $, avaialble from Amazon and other retailers
Our Rating:


  • Multiple Size Options. The Smizel dog harness comes in six sizes, from XS to XXL. This ensures dogs of all sizes are accommodated and fitted appropriately. It’s worth noting that the large size is the most commonly purchased.
  • Breathable Material. The harness is made of 100% polyester air mesh, providing a lightweight, breathable material with a soft touch.
  • Various Colors. This anti-pulling collar is available in 8 colors, allowing you to choose a style that matches you and your canine.
  • Adjustable Chest Size. The adjustable chest strap helps accommodate dogs with larger or smaller chests.
  • Easy Snap Buckle. The easy snap buckle makes taking the harness on and off a breeze.
  • Distributes Pressure Weight. This harness is designed to redistribute the dog’s force across their body when they yank, preventing choking. The soft neckline on this pulling collar harness helps distribute weight to the chest, taking pressure off of the back, which is a common cause for pulling.
  • Machine Washable. This collar is easy to wash and reuse since it is machine washable. Owners can always keep their dog in a clean collar, which may prevent skin irritation and itchiness.

PROS: Many owners say that the Smizel dog harness is stretchy and comfortable for their dogs and fits their dogs well.

CONS: Some owners find that even the largest size of this collar does not accommodate large dog breeds, as it is too tight on some of the dogs’ chests.

2. PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

best dog collar for pulling

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers
Our Rating:


  • Martingale Loop. The martingale loop found on the PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness helps stop the leash from twisting. This prevents a common problem in which dogs get tangled, causing them to pull and tug.
  • Front-Chest Leash. This harness uses a unique front-chest attachment, allowing you to steer your dog to the side and redirect his focus towards you when walking.
  • Soft Nylon. Made from soft, strong nylon for a comfortable fit.
  • Easy Snap Buckle. Features an easy on and off snap buckle on the dog’s shoulder and belly straps.
  • 4 Adjustment Points. This harness is made with 4 adjustment points. This ensures the fit is right for each dog, and that the harness sits comfortably on their bodies.
  • 8 Different Sizes. This harness comes in eight different sizes, with the most commonly bought size being the medium/large. Sizes range from petite for small dogs to extra large for bigger breeds.

PROS: Many owners agree this harness fits comfortably on their dogs and enjoy the range of sizes + multiple adjustable positions. Owners rave over how this harness transformed their walks, correcting their dog’s pulling without choking them.

CONS: Some owners say this harness is too narrow, especially in the leg area, making it rub against their dog’s fur too much.

3. Yuppie Puppy Stop Pulling Mesh Harness

anti pull dog collar

Price: $$, available from Amazon and other retailers.
Our Rating:


  • Adjustable. This harness is adjustable. It allows the owner to choose the best size that will fit the dog comfortably.
  • Wool Material. There is wool material on the underside of this harness, preventing the harness from rubbing against the dog and causing irritation. It offers a much more comfortable fit.
  • Mesh Chest. The chest portion is made with mesh material. This allows air to get through, which makes the dog feel as though they are not wearing a harness at all.

PROS: Numerous owners agree the wool material underneath keeps their dog’s legs safe, while the mesh material is ideal for preventing harm to their dog’s chests.

CONS: A small number of customers state that the straps unravel easily, and they need to buy another one. One owner notes that with short haired dogs, hair can get stuck in the mesh and arm pads, which can be annoying to clean.

Buyers note that while this harness was definitely more comfortable than others and easy to take on and off, there is some contention about whether or not the harness itself prevents physical pulling.

4. Gentle Lead Dog Collar

best dog collar to stop pulling

Price: $, from Amazon and other retailers
Our Rating:


  • Several Sizes. This dog anti-pulling collar comes in five sizes, ranging from XS to XL.
  • Multiple Color Options. Available in seven colors, allowing you to choose a style that matches you and your pet’s personality!
  • Fully adjustable. Adjustable neck strap and nose loop allow you to create a custom fit for your canine.
  • Reduces Bad Behavior. This dog pulling collar is designed to prevent pulling, lunging, jumping, as well as anxiety and general aggression.
  • Comes With Instructions. This collar includes fitting instructions as well as a training guide and DVD.
  • Immediate Results. Collar is said to improve walks immediately, with many dogs acclimating and adjusting behavior within minutes.

PROS: The huge majority of owners rave about this collar’s ability to stop bad behavior and make walking large, powerful dogs much easier with the prevention of pulling.

CONS: Some owners note that they needed to desensitize their dog to the collar and that using it required a fair amount of training. Some dogs simply could not adjust to it, and in some cases dogs lunging causes injury.

However, even critics note that while this dog collar will not be a good fit for everyone, for many it will do a great job of preventing pulling.

While preventing dog pulling is an admirable goal, you may also want to consider harnessing that pulling strength into canicross or bikejoring, if it interests you and your furry buddy. Regardless, you’ll still want to teach your pup not to pull on regular walks, and for that, anti-pulling harnesses are a must!

What are you favorite dog collar to prevent pulling? Do you have any experience with the dog collar listed here? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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