4 Best Dog Strollers for Your Four-Legged Friend!

best dog strollers

Walking your dog is a great way to help your pooch get exercise and enjoy fresh air! But not all canines are always up for a stroll. Some dogs fare much better getting out and about with the help of a stroller.


Dog strollers are great for a lot of different types of dogs:

  • Old dogs may enjoy getting out for fresh air and new sights, even if they can’t keep up on runs and walks the way they used to. Dog strollers let senior dogs still enjoy nature without tiring themselves out.
  • Injured or disabled dogs may also have a hard time keeping up on outings. It’s undeniable that getting out of the house is still good for these dogs – all dogs love enjoying the sights and smells of nature!
  • Sick dogs or unvaccinated puppies, depending on their health, may also benefit from getting out in a safe, controlled way. Unvaccinated puppies shouldn’t be on the ground, but will benefit massively from the socialization that comes from stroller walks! Sick dogs – as long as they’re fit enough to go out and won’t make others sick – also benefit from stroller rides.
  • Very small dogs can’t keep up with active owners. If you’re a big-time runner with a small-time dog, a running stroller may be a good compromise!

Getting your dog outside every day and exploring the world is important, even if they need help to move through the world safely and comfortably!


When choosing the best stroller for you and your dog, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

  • Wheels. If you’re looking for a stroller that will handle well on long, bumpy rides, aim for air tires. These tires will need inflating like bike tires, but are much better suited to shock absorption. Solid plastic wheels are fine for shorter, easy rides.
  • Top Covers. Consider whether or not you’ll want your dog stroller to have a closable hood. Hoods protect your dog from sun and rain. Just as importantly, hoods will also help keep your dog from jumping out of the stroller!
  • Mesh vs. Plastic. Some strollers for dogs will close with a mesh hood, giving your dog plenty of airflow. Others will have plastic panes, which keep your dog dryer but prevent good airflow.

Weigh your options and decide which is more important to you! Whichever option you choose, do make sure that your dog has plenty of air circulation, by one means or another.

  • Folding Strollers. Many strollers are quite bulky, so it’s important to make sure strollers are foldable for easy storage. Each of the strollers on this list will fold down for transport or storage, so this won’t be an issue!
  • Size. When looking at a dog stroller, you’ll want to examine a few different size elements. Confirm that the stroller’s cabin is big enough for your dog to fit comfortably inside. Ensure that it is also compact enough and light enough for you to use and carry well. Finally, ensure that the stroller is strong enough to hold the weight of your dog.
  • Running vs. Walking Strollers. Many strollers simply aren’t cut out for the task of long, regular runs. They are made for strolling on level, nicely paved walks. If you’re planning on long, bumpy rides or runs along gravel paths, be sure to look specifically for a stroller that are made for jogging, running, and off-road travel!

While these dog strollers will likely be more expensive, they have the durability required for more strenuous activities. If you just want a stroller for the occasional walk, surgery recovery, or short jaunts around a local park, save your money and skip the running strollers.

best dog strollers

  • Safety Features. Many strollers for dogs come with hand brakes, which are great to keep your pup from rolling away while you’re catching up with a friend. Others have safety belts or other safety features. Keep an eye out for these, especially if your dog isn’t used to strollers and may be a bit wiggly inside!
  • Bonus Bells and Whistles. Many dog strollers boast of cupholders, undercarriage storage, or fancy colors. Consider how important these bonus features are for you – if you want to take a morning stroll with your pup and a Starbucks coffee, you’ll likely want a cup holder handy!

As with all products, keep an eye out for strollers that are generally easy to use, sturdy, and safe. A stroller that is complicated to put together, fragile, or unsafe is a bad stroller!

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

About: The Pet Gear No-Zip Stroller has most of your dog stroller basic needs – it’s zipperless (preventing any fur from getting snagged), foldable, has cupholders, and has shock-resistant front wheels.

This stroller for canines comes in pink, dark blue, and teal. It holds dogs up to 70lbs and is a great, practical, all-around stroller that will suit your needs for a small, city-going dog.

Price: $$

PROS: Owners like that this foldable stroller comes in many colors and is at an affordable price point. It’s got a panoramic viewing window for your dog to look out of, along with a compartment underneath to hold your dog’s treats and gear. This is the lightest stroller here, weighing in at just 13 pounds.

CONS: Owners note that first-time assembly is difficult. Some owners have issues with the plastic wheels not holding up for very long on bumpy city streets. Although the stroller folds, some owners have a hard time getting it to fold and unfold easily.  The wheels can shake if the dog is too heavy, so this stroller is probably best for lighter dogs.

OxGord® Pet Stroller Dog Easy Walk Folding Carriage

About: The OxGord Pet Stroller is a great quality dog stroller. It’s a bit cheaper than most other dog strollers, but still has a host of great features like a cupholder, easy ride, foldability, and a weather hood.

The OxGord dog stroller even has a few extra bells and whistles, like a safety belt and rear brakes! It comes in 6 colors, giving you lots of choices to personalize this great stroller.

Price: $$

PROS: Owners like that this stroller has a seat belt leash and rear security brakes. They love its cupholders, storage, and weather hood. Owners also note that this stroller is easy to assemble and sturdily made. It’s relatively lightweight, weighing in at just 13.6 pounds – making it perfect for on-the-go use.

CONS: Owners noticed that this stroller doesn’t have a great view for your dog, with some disliking this stroller’s restrictive windows. It gives your dog a less-than-panoramic view of the world. Some owners also had trouble with mud clogging the zippers, and were frustrated that the zippers got stuck easily.

Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller

About: This high-end Pet Gear No-Zip Double Stroller is double wide and provides great outdoor viewing for your dogs while keeping them safely inside the stroller.

This dog stroller’s air-filled tires help keep rides smooth – many other strollers have solid plastic wheels, which aren’t as good at shock absorption.

This durable, high-quality stroller comes at a higher price point, but you can rest assured knowing that it’s made for the long haul and will stand up to long walks and regular use. 

Price: $$$$

PROS: Owners love the plush pad that’s included in this dog stroller to keep your pets comfy. Many say that this stroller will handle well on most terrain – even bumpy city sidewalks. The stroller is made from water-resistant material to keep your dogs dry, while panoramic windows for your dogs should keep them entertained!

CONS: This dog stroller isn’t cheap. While the quality and durability is worth the cost, it likely isn’t worth the price tag if you’re just looking for a basic stroller to take your dog out a few times while he’s recovering from surgery. It’s also worth noting that this dog stroller is heavy (it is double wide after all), weighing in at 32lbs.

2 in 1 Jogging Dog Stroller / Bicycle Trailer

About: This 2 in 1 Dog Jogging Stroller is made for jogging or even pulling behind a bike, so you’ll never have to leave your geriatric, sick, or injured dog behind on your adventures again.

It lacks cupholders and storage, but that shouldn’t matter if you’re pulling your dog behind your bike! This is the perfect adventure stroller, and won’t slow down an active owner.

Price: $$$

PROS: Owners love that this sturdy stroller has brakes and is very well-built. It’s the only stroller on this list that’s really made to withstand long, fast, bumpy rides. It’s pretty spacious, so you could even fit a medium-sized dog in for your trail adventures! It’s got a safety flag for visibility and a hand brake to keep the stroller still if you step away.

CONS: Some owners took issue with the lack of cupholders and under-carriage storage – features that most other dog stroller provide. It’s a bit bulky and heavy at 37lbs as well, so not great for storing in small apartments!

Does your dog love your stroller rides? What features do you love about your stroller? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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