7 Best Indoor Dog Gates: Enclosing Canines At Home

Pets can be our best friends and companions. These little bundles of joy liven up our homes and de-stress a stressful day.

However, they can also get into potentially harmful or fragile areas of our homes, and that is why many owners choose to get an indoor dog gate for their pets.

Indoor Dog Gates: Why Dog Owners Need

Just as invisible dog fences and outdoor dog kennels can be used to prevent dogs from accessing certain parts of the yard (avoiding that messy swamp area or that poison ivy patch), an indoor dog gate will keep your pet from accessing certain parts of your home, such as the kitchen (where dogs can get into mischief), laundry room, or other non dog-friendly areas.

Dog gates will keep your dog contained in a safe area where they can also enjoy their stay. In fact, many dogs feel more comfortable having a designated area of the home that is “theirs,” which gives them solace.

Puppies are especially easily scared of new spaces, and they can easily get themselves in an unsafe place. A dog gate sections off and turns a specific room to puppy territory, and this will immensely help in the development of your puppy’s confidence.

Indoor dog gates can also help prevent your pet from running out of your home – something no owners wants to deal with!

What to Consider When Choosing An Indoor Dog Gate

There are a number of things to consider when selecting a pet gate for your home.

  • Material and Quality. Pet gates are made of a variety of materials ranging from heavy, finished wood to lightweight metal barriers.
  • Security and Durability. One of the first things to consider is the type of dog you have. If you have a German Shepherd, for example, then you need a heavy, more secure gate.
  • Where Your Gate Will Be Used. You also need to consider where you are going to use your dog gate. Different spaces will require different types of gates. Consider the size of your doorway/ hallway, too. You don’t want a door that doesn’t fit.

Types of Dog Gates For The Home

 There are several different styles and designs of pet gates to choose from. The best pet gate for you will depend on your dog’s temperament, size, the location of the gate, and what you plan on using the gate for.

  • Freestanding Pet Gates. Freestanding dog gates vary in size and function, and the one you choose should be durable as well as sturdy. These gates come in handy when you have to regularly move the barrier to different areas of your home.
  • Adjustable-Tension Dog Gates. These gates perfectly fit on doorways, and they are the best if you wish to quickly create sectioned-off spaces in the kitchen, study, or bathroom.
  • Hinged-Foldable Dog Gates. These types of gates can stand independently and also easily fold to a manageable size for traveling or storage.
  • Walk-Through Gates. There is also a variety of walk-through gates, so your family doesn’t have to risk tripping over the gate.

7 Best Indoor Dog Gates: Reviews and Ratings

We’ll be detailing the six best retractable dog gates for keeping your pooch safe in his or her own area.

  • Want a low gate you can easily step over? Try the Richell Pet Sitter Gate. It’s very low and easy to step over, great for small dogs.
  • Need a gate that is super wide? Try the Regalo Super Wide Gate, which can be extended to cover a huge expanse of space.

Read our full review of the top 7 best indoor dog gates below.

1. Richell Pet Sitter Gate

About: Richell Pet Sitter Gate is a quality indoor dog gate made of wood and metal. It features a miniature door within the dog gate that can be opened and shut.

retractable dog gate

Price: $$, available on Amazon and other retailers

  • Color. Wood, autumn matte finish, in a style that can match multiple decors.
  • Durable. This indoor dog gate is made of metal and polished wood, resulting in a reliable, durable gate.
  • Easy to Assemble. The tension-mount design makes this gate easy to set up.
  • Adjustable Sizing. This dog gate fits doorways between 28.3 and 41.3 inches wide.
  • Easy to Step Over. This dog gate is low enough to step-over (with a height of 21 inches), making it easy to have in your home.
  • Protects Surfaces From Scratches. The gate’s side stoppers and rubber skid bottom prevents surface scratching.
  • Dual Direction. The Richell Pet Sitter Gate opens in both directions, allowing easy movement.
  • Lockable Wire. This gate’s lockable wire door adds extra pet security or the option to let your pup pass through the gate easily.

Pros: This stylish pet gate uses a tension-mount design that allows for easy installation on the hallway or doorway, keeping your pet confined just where you need her.

The pet gate still allows you to move freely, and is low enough that you can easily step over it, making it very convenient to have in your home.

The biggest benefit here is the lockable door, which allows you to open the gate and have your dog pass through areas at your own discretion, without the hassle of taking apart the entire. The metal and wood construction of the indoor dog gate are high-quality, providing a sturdy and durable gate you can rely on.

Cons: This gate is only recommended for small pets weighing 6.5 to 17.5 lbs. The gate won’t work for bigger pets, as they’ll be able to jump (or, in some cases, step) over it. This gate is designed for indoor use only and is not suitable for outdoor use.

2. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate

The Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate is intended to serve as a baby gate, but can be used as a dog gate as well.

mesh dog gate

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Extra Wide Design. This gate’s extra wide design allows it to fit a variety of doorways and openings.
  • Anti-Damage Bumpers. Non-marring rubber bumpers help prevent damage to your home.
  • Easy to Install. No tools are needed – this pressure-mounted gate is very easy to set up and install.
  • Size. This gate expands from 38-60 inches wide and is 27 inches tall.

Pros: An affordable, easy to manage solution, many buyers find this a nice middle ground – not as sleek, stylish, and functional as higher end gates, but slightly nicer than classic wooden baby gates.

Cons: This gate doesn’t feature any smaller lockable door for your pet to travel through, which means you’ll need to lift your pet over the gate when you want to take him into another room.

A persistent dog might also make holes in the mesh, although most owners find their dog does just fine with this style of gate. This gate is probably best suited for small to medium sized dogs.

3. Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate

About: The Richell Convertible Elite Pet Gate is highly-rated indoor dog gate, able to be converted and re-arranged into several different structures and shapes.

indoor retractable dog gate

Price: $$$, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Freestanding Design. This gate’s freestanding design allows you to place it anywhere around the house.
  • Color. This gate’s matte brown color easily matches a variety of home décor.
  • Eco-Friendly. Made of eco-friendly rubberwood.
  • Multi-Purpose and Convertible. This indoor dog gate can quickly transforms to gate or containment pen.
  • Lockable Gate. The inner lockable doorway allows for easy access between rooms without taking apart the gate.

Pros: This convertible 4-panel pet gate is perfect for anyone who wants to secure spaces for their dog with a stylish, well-designed dog gate.

This dog gate quickly and easily converts from a pet pen to a room divider to a freestanding gate. The gate caps can be locked at 90 degrees or 180 degrees, providing stability for the gate’s various forms. The gate even features a lockable door that you can use to restrict and control your pet movement.

Cons: This gate is fairly expensive, and at a higher price point than other indoor dog gates. However, get a durable, beautiful and highly-efficient product you can rely on.

4. North States Wire Mesh Gate

 About: The North States Wire Mesh Gate is an affordable wooden gate for dogs and babies.

retractable dog gate outdoor

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Anti-Scratch. Non-marring rubber bumpers prevent scratching or damage.
  • Materials. Made with a sturdy wood frame, surrounded by vinyl-coated wire mesh panels.
  • Size. Adjusts to fit openings 29.5 to 50 inches wide and is 32 inches high.
  • Easy to Assemble. This gate is quick and easy installation, using a pressure mounting system, no tools needed.
  • Easy to Adjust. Adjustable sizing bar is marked and notched for easy installation and re-sizing.
  • Color. This gate comes in a neutral wood color, compatible with many homes.

Pros: The North States gate is a great choice for babies and dogs alike. The wide mesh wire panels allows your pup to get a look at the action, even into areas he’s not allowed in. It’s a steal of a price, the cheapest of our recommended indoor dog gates.

Cons: As a dog gate, this one lacks some of the bells and whistles of other gates, with no extra door and no easy way to open the gate. The gate can be taken down, but it it inconvenient enough that it will get frustrating to take down constantly and somewhat awkward to step over.

5. Richell Deluxe Large Freestanding Pet Gate 

About: Like many other Richell products, the Richell Deluxe Freestanding Large Pet Gate is customers’ favorite, featuring a beautiful extra wide structure that can adjust to wide hallways.

best retractable dog gate

Price: $$$$, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Extra Large Sizing. Adjustable sizing fits hallways and doorway openings between 61.8 and 90.2 inches wide (with a 36.2 inch height), covering a huge expanse of area.
  • Walk-Through Door. This dog gate can open in, allowing you to easily pass through the gate while keeping your dog secure. The door opens in both directions and automatically locks, making it easy to use and super safe.
  • Bottom and Top Lock. Gate door locks at both bottom and top for extra security.
  • Stable Side Panels. The gate’s side panels add stability, preventing the date from tipping over.
  • Scratch Prevention. Rubber feet prevent floor and wall scratching.
  • Medium to Large Dogs. This dog gate is best for medium to large dogs.

Pros: This indoor dog gate fits larger than normal doorways and hallways, designed to fit a variety of homes. The gate is also made of long-lasting hardwood with a lovely matte brown finish.

Since it is a freestanding gate, you can always move it around and create safe spaces where you need them. Another huge advantage is the ease of assembly – you only need a screwdriver, and it can be put together in a few minutes.

Cons: This is a high-quality, durable dog gate in an elegant style. This being said, it ain’t cheap! It’s also very large, which is ideal for some homes. However, if it’s too big for you, another pet gate might serve you better.

6. Carlson Extra-Wide Dog Gate

About: The Carlson Extra-Wide Dog Gate is an all steel gate that protects your pet from wandering into unsafe areas of the home.

extra wide dog gate

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Expandable. This dog gate for the home includes two extensions, allowing it to reach any width ranging between 29-44 inches (with a height of 30 inches).
  • Multiple Gate Doors. This gate features a smaller door that is 10 x 7 inches, allowing for very small pets (like cats) to pass through, but keeps larger pets out!
  • One-Touch Handle. This gate’s one-touch handle makes the gate door easy to open, allowing you to seamlessly move between rooms.
  • Pressure-Mounted System. This indoor dog gate’s pressure mounted system is super easy to install.
  • Steel Design. This gate’s steel design is durable and sturdy, made from lead-free, non-toxic, chew-proof steel.

Pros: Sturdy, easy to install adjustable dog gate that is made of all metal (making it perfect for chewers). Another main attraction here is the smaller inner gate, which allows for cats to pass through while keeping dogs out, making it a great choice for a multi-pet home.

Cons: One buyer notes that the angle of the vertical bars can be quite dangerous. Since the vertical bars change size (from large to more narrow), it is possible for a smaller pet’s head to get stuck in the opening, and potentially strangle themselves in the struggle, as they could move their head up and get trapped.

This is a horrific thing to consider, and while cases of this occurring seem extraordinarily rare, it’s still worth steering away if you have small dogs.

7. Regalo Super Wide Gate

About: The Regalo Super Wide Gate expands to a remarkable impressive width of 192 inches, making it the widest indoor dog gate available, perfect for sectioning off very large spaces.

retractable dog gate extra wide

Price: $$$, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • 4 Design Configurations. This gate can be configured into several different shapes and designs to fit various needs – it can convert to a play yard, enclosing 19 sq. feet, a fire place guard, a gate enclosure for extra wide openings, and a stairway barrier.
  • Extreme Width Options. This gate can expand to cover a maximum width of 192 inches! It’s also 28 inches tall.
  • Walk-Through Gate Design. Includes a convenient walk through gate design with safety locking feature.
  • Foldable. This gate folds down for easy set up and storage.
  • Sturdy Steel. Made of durable steel material. This gate is also PVC-free and meets the safety standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Pros: Several owners have used this gate for their dog and LOVE it! They can’t get over the versatility it provides.

Cons: With such a large structure, and with 8 removable and configurable panels, it’s likely a hassle to set up and configure. However, if you need the width coverage, this is your best bet by far.

That covers it for indoor dog gates. Do you have any suggestions regarding the best dog gates for the home? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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