10 Dogs Dressed as Presidential Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!

First stop – the White House! Next step – the White House lawn, to roll in some dead squirrel I smelled earlier!

No matter what your political position, there’s no denying that these dogs are dressed for success. These pooches are masquerading as presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton (if you still needed a dog Halloween costume idea, look no further).

Let’s give these pups a ballot bark – I’d vote them into office any day, how about you?

This is one canine with presidential swagger – does he belong in the oval office or what?

This corgi isn’t kidding around – getting American jobs back (as doggy belly scratchers of course) is no joking matter!

This adorable pup is ready to run for president, complete with his Donald Trump-esque hairdo!

This Lab has exactly what we need to make America great again – Labrador love!

This black lab is channeling his inner Trump – and he means business!

This pup dressed as Trump for a Halloween parade – that’s some presidential material right there!

This hound is rocking her inner Hillary – you go girl!

This fashionably dressed dog has press releases to get to, dressed in her Hillary Clinton-style suit.

I’m with her! How can you not be, she’s a four-legged fashion icon!

Two awesome ladies lookin’ to spread the love!

Do you think your dog is more of a Trump or Clinton? Tell us why in the comments!

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