15 Dogs Dressed as Star Wars Characters

As some may know, PetCo recently started offering sweet Star Wars swag that dogs and owners will both drool over.

Now we’re celebrating with a collection of photos showing the most hardcore, adorable Star Wars fans out there.

dogs dressed as star wars characters

With Halloween just around the corner, these photos may inspire some awesome Star Wars costumes for dogs! May the force be with you furry friends from across the galaxy!

These dogs will be honorable Jedi and merciless Sith in no time. I’m sensing crazy amounts of midi-chlorians…

1. Chewbacca Dog!

Chewbacca dog alongside his buddy.

star wars dogs

2. Wise Yoda Pug

This wide Yoda dog clearly understands all about the force.


star wars dog costume

3. Mysterious Yoda Dog

star wars yoda costume for dog

Interested? Get your own Yoda costume at Petco! 

4. Han & Chewy: Buds for Life

Tell me this isn’t the most adorable pair you’ve ever seen.

dog halloween costumes

From photographer Rocio Preciado.

5. Puppy Princess Leia

Princess Leia is a bit furrier than I remember, but still glamorous!

dog costumes star wars


You can actually get a sexy Leia costume for your dog from Petco…. We won’t tell if you won’t.

6. Ewok Dog

ewok dog costume

via Pixie Weir

7. Yoda Dog Costume

dog yoda costume

8. Bantha Dog

The Tusken Raiders use canines as their main means of transport.

dog star wars costume

Want one? Check out the Bantha dog costumes on Amazon.

9. R2DDog

The cutest R2DDog I’ve ever seen!

R2D2 Dog

10. Ewok Dog Costume


11. Darth Dog

Watch out for Darth Doggie!

starwars dog

Buy your own doggie Dath Vader costume on Amazon.

12. Wampug

The majestic Wampug.

starwars dog costumes

12. Star Wars Dog Costumes

The princess has been captured by the evil Lord Vader!

star wars dog costumes

13. Lord Vader and Leia

dog costumes

14. AT-AT Snow Walker

AT-AT Snow Walker will stomp you with kisses.

dog star wars

You can buy your own Dog AT-AT costume on Amazon.

15. Princess Leia Dog Outfit
dog star wars costume

Love this look? Get your dog her very own Princess Leia ears from Petco’s Star Wars collection! 

What was your favorite dog dressed as a Star Wars character? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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