Holistic Dog Food: What It Is & How to Buy It

best holistic dog food

For the most part, we like to watch what we put into our mouths. We do this because we want to stay healthy. So, it would make sense that we would want to watch what we feed our dogs as well, right?

With this concept in mind, we’d like to take some time to discuss holistic dog food.

What is Holistic Dog Food?

Think back to the days of grade school health class. Remember when your health teacher taught you about the food pyramid and the importance of maintaining a healthy balanced diet?

Well, holistic dog food is specifically designed to make sure your dog receives a proper, balanced diet. This special blend of food not only provides nutrition, but also supports overall well-being. Holistic dog food is food designed to work naturally with a dog’s body and internal system.

Holistic dog food brands use high-quality ingredients, rather than fillers or by-products. With holistic dog food, ingredients are chosen purposely to serve a specific function. For example, an ingredient may be chosen because your dog has a hard time digesting his or her food.

These holistic dog food brands add nutrition while avoiding unnecessary chemicals and additives common in other dog foods.

The result? Many owners report that holistic dog food, while more expensive, boasts numerous canine benefits, including more energy, shinier coats, and better overall health.

However, to say that holistic dog food is good for all dogs is inaccurate. Some dogs might need holistic food because they may have problems with digestion, allergies, or certain health conditions. Dogs get sick just like we do. If you think your dog may benefit from a holistic dog food diet, then read on to learn about some different brands.

It would also be a good idea to ask your vet about the food and do some additional research of your own.

Also, give it time! At first, it may seem like the food is going right through your dog, do not panic. It takes a bit for their bodies to adjust to the new diet. Give it a little time before you decide to switch; about three weeks.

Best Holistic Dog Food Brands

We’ve found the brands below to be the best holistic dog foods, determined through research and consumer reviews. Try these holistic dog foods for your canine!

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Foodholistic dog food

Where to Purchase: Available from Amazon and other sellers.


  • Anchovy
  • Sardine & Salmon Meal
  • Oatmeal
  • Ground Brown Rice
  • Ground White Rice


This holistic dog food is available in several varieties, including:

  • Small and Mini Breed Puppy Recipe
  • Small and Mini Breed Recipe
  • Grain Free Anchovy and Salmon Recipe
  • Grain Free Turkey Recipe
  • Weight Management Recipe
  • And many more!


Formulated with unique Digestive Health Support System, including active probiotics, healthy fiber and digestive enzymes.

This holistic dog food features Omega 3 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat, as well as quality single protein source to help build and maintain lean muscle mass.

It’s also special to note that this holistic dog food contains no meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.


High prices for bigger bags

Best For:

  • Dogs with digestive problems
  • Dogs who have problems with their coats
  • Dogs with food allergies
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds/mixed breeds

Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Dry Dog Foodholistic dog food brands

Where To Purchase: Available from Amazon and other dog food sellers.


  • High-Protein Diet. Turkey meal, chicken meal and whitefish meal provide high protein diet.
  • Grain and Gluten-Free. This holistic dog food is formulated without grain or gluten.
  • Sizes. Comes in 5 lb / 14 lb / 28 lb bag.


  • Turkey Meal
  • Chicken Meal
  • Whitefish Meal
  • Potatoes
  • Apples
  • Blueberries
  • Carrots
  • Peas
  • Spinach
  • Garlic


Owners rave about this dog food, with stories of dogs gaining healthier, shinier coats and better stomach processing.

This holistic dog food comes with a built in zipper keeps everything fresh and for easier storage. There is also a bonus code on the back of the bag; when you enter it into the website a tree is planted.


This brand of holistic dog food is pretty pricey. Some owners also report cases of gas in their canines.

Best for:

  • Dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Dogs with coat problems
  • Dogs with joint problems
  • Getting clean teeth
  • Maintaining weight
  • Dogs with GI issues
  • Works best with smaller dogs

Fromm Gold Adult Holistic Dog Food

holistic dog food reviews

Where to Purchase: Available from Amazon or other retailers.


  • Several sizes. Comes in 5lb / 15lb / 33lb bags
  • Probiotics for Better Digestion. This holistic dog food recipe contains probiotics to aid in digestion, making it a great choice for dogs with upset stomachs.
  • Salmon Oil For Healthy Coat. This recipe also contains salmon oil, resulting in healthier, shinier canine coats!
  • No Wheat, Corn, or Beet Pulp. This brand of holistic dog food contains no corn, no wheat, and no beet pulp. These are common filler ingredients in other dogs foods.
  • No Recalls. Fromm’s holistic dog food hasn’t had a recall since they have opened back in 1904 (very unusual).
  • Made in the USA. Food is made in the United States, with Fromm’s also being a family owned company.


  • Fresh Wisconsin Duck
  • Fresh Chicken
  • Fresh Lamb
  • Fish
  • Whole eggs
  • Real Cheese


Owners note that their dogs go nuts over this dog food! Many owners are also very impressed by the quality of this holistic dog good, made with natural ingredients and human grade food sources. This ensures your beloved pet eats as well as you do!


Again, this dog food is by no means cheap. As with all dog food, some dogs may not like it (although the large majority do). Some owners report their dogs reacting with diarrhea, but not many.

Best for:

  • Dogs with coat problems
  • Dogs with food allergies
  • Dandruff prone dogs
  • Good for weight management
  • Good for getting rid of “hot spots”
  • Good for digestive problems

Nutro Ultra Wet Holistic Dog Food

best holistic dog foodOur Rating:
Where to Purchase: Available from Amazon and other dog food sellers


  • Better Skin + Coat. Powerful formula rich in omega fatty acids, resulting in healthy skin and coat.
  • Antioxidants. This holistic wet dog food is packed with antioxidants for a strong immune system.
  • High quality proteins. Nutro Ultra Wet has high-quality proteins to power your canine, plus essential amino acids for lean muscle mass.
  • Available in Different Versions. This wet holistic dog food is available in adult, puppy, and senior diet variations, ensuring the perfect composition for your canine.


  • Chicken Broth
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Liver
  • Potato Starch
  • Ground Rice
  • Lamb
  • Salmon
  • Lamb Liver
  • Turkey

Pros: Owners adore this wet holistic dog food, and say that their dogs love the taste!

Cons: Not many flavor choices to choose from, plus the cans aren’t too cheap.

Best For:

  • Senior Dogs
  • Dogs who prefer wet food

Finding the Best Holistic Dog Food For Your Dog

That concludes our top picks for holistic dog foods. Don’t forget that you may need to try several different brands of dog food before finding the perfect fit for your dog.

All dogs react differently to different formulas of dog food, so don’t despair if one brand doesn’t work for your canine. If your dog has a specific allergy, you may also want to consider seeking out dog food brands that avoid your dog’s specific allergen, along with hypoallergenic dog treats. For example, dogs who don’t process beef or chicken well might prefer a venison dog food.

Do you have any experiences with holistic dog foods or recommendations you’d like to share? Tell us your favorite holistic dog food brand in the comments below!

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