Loot Pets: Loot Crate For Dogs

Loot Crate, a service which provides monthly boxes of geeky goodies, has launched a new service that brings the nerd nirvana to your canine too! It’s called Loot Pets, and it’s just the thing for geek dogs everywhere!

loot pets loot crate

Each month, Loot Crate delivers a pack of toys, treats, and apparel. The theme changes each month, so you’ll always be getting new stuff. Now your pup can express his nerdy side too, with a Loot Pets box that matches each human Loot Crate theme.

Loot Pets is basically the geeky equivalent of BarkBox, so if you’ve enjoyed BarkBox in the past, you’ll probably go canine crazy over Loot Pets!

What You’ll Get With Loot Pets

Each Loot Pets box has items that total a $50 value. This dog subscription box come with a collection of geeky:

  • Dog accessories
  • Dog apparel
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • and more!

If you’re the kind of owner who finds enormous joy in seeing your dog dressed up as a Star Wars character, or chewing up an x-wing dog toy, Loot Pets is probably your kind of doggy subscription box!

Want some specific examples of what to expect in your Loot Pets delivery? The December Loot Pets subscription box included:

  • Firefly ceramic dog bowl
  • Alien themed dog collar
  • Galactic Snaps dog treats, made of 100% freeze-dried liver.
  • Space themed dog shirt (which matched the human Loot Crate shirt)

loot pets

You know what’s even COOLER? If you subscribe to your own Loot Crate box, you and your furry pal can match! That’s right, dogs and owners can get matching shirts. Now the world can know your furry fido really is man’s best friend.

You’ll also get a Loot Pets mini-magazine in each box, which details the items included in that month’s package, plus provides some puppy fun facts!

loot pets subscription

Loot Pets Cost

When it comes to the Loot Pets pricing, you’ll get a bigger discount the longer your subscription commitment.

loot pets price

For those who prefer a text table:

month commitment box price total cost
1 month $19.99 + $5 shipping $24.99
3 months $18.99 + $5 shipping $71.97
6 months $18.49 + $5 shipping $140.94
12 months $17.99 + $5 shipping $275.88

When you subscribe to the 12 month plan, you’ll have to pay much more upfront – $275.88, which breaks down to a cheaper $17.99/month.

I personally think the 3 month plan is the best deal, since you get a discount at $1 per box and a 3-month commitment, which gives you enough time to decide how much you like the service without locking yourself in for too long.

With K9 of Mine, you can save even more though! Use promo code PETS10 to get 10% off of your first subscription!

Loot Pets Reviews: Unboxing

If you want to get a better look at what comes in a Loot Pets box, check out this unboxing video on YouTube by The Nerf Herder and his dog Chewy!

Have you ordered a Loot Pets box? What did you think? Share your experience in the comments!

And if you do want to try it, don’t forget to use this link and promo code “pets10” for 10% off!

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