Harnessing the Power of Pokemon Go For Pooches!

As Pokemon Go fever sweeps across the country, some dog shelters are capitalizing on the craze to help out canines!

Pokemon Go is a game that encourages users to walk outside and explore different areas to capture Pokemon, and some shelters have realized that this walking-based game is the perfect activity for dogs to join in on!

The idea first came to Phil Peckinpaugh, director of an animal shelter in Muncie, Indiana, when he was out walking his own dog while playing the Pokemon Go app with his daughter.

He realized that dogs make the perfect Pokemon Go companions, and started a “Pokemon Dogs” volunteer program to enlist new Pokemon-loving dog walkers!

pokemon go dog shelters

Peckinpaugh notes that while on a typical day, the shelter might receive 1-2 for their volunteer dog walking program, after posting about Pokemon Dogs, the shelter now receives an average of 70 volunteers for walks!

Let’s encourage more shelters to do the same – let’s harness Pokemon power for pooches! While you’re at it, considering decking your dog up in a Pokemon-themed costume, if your pooch will put up with it!

However, don’t forget that it’s hot outside, so provide plenty of water for your dog and don’t overdue it, or you may end up with this fellow here:

pokemon go dogs


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