4 Best Dog Beds With Bolsters: Beds With Borders!

best dog beds with bolsters

Today we’re reviewing the best dog beds with bolster and discussing why some dogs go nuts for these beds with raised borders.

Why Bolster Beds?

So why exactly do some dogs just love bolster beds?

Dogs beds with bolsters provide a raised edging that can make a nervous dog feel more secure.

Dogs descend from cave-dwelling wolves, and for some dogs, a more protected bed enclosure established a sense of safety. This is why many dogs enjoy having a crate space as well!

Bolster dog beds are especially ideal for dogs who like to put their head on a pillow or armrest when they sleep. They’re also great for dogs who curl up in a ball when napping, and dogs who enjoy cuddling.

Today we’re taking a look at some of the best bolster dog beds on the market! Read our quick list, or see our more detailed bolster dog bed reviews below.

PetFusion Lounge Bed$$$
Serta Orthopedic Quilted Couch$$
K&H Bolster Bed$
Bagel Bolster Bed$$

4 Best Dog Beds With Bolsters: Reviews & Info

PetFusion Lounge Bed

About: The PetFusion Lounge Bed is a quality memory foam dog bed with sides, using thick bolsters for your dog to lean and snooze on.

  • Available in brown or gray
  • Made with 4-inch memory foam base, with polyester and cotton twill support bolsters
  • Water and tear resistant cover
  • Removable cover for easy machine washing
  • Anti-skid bed bottom

PROS: Owners are impressed with the style and quality of this durable bolster dog bed. The memory foam is nice and thick – not egg crate or torn up fill pieces. While on the pricier side, many owners find this bed to be a steal considering the premium quality.

CONS: Some owners note an odor from the memory foam, but this is quite normal with memory foam and the smell should dissipate over time. Owners note that the smell does indeed stop after 2-3 days.

Serta Orthopedic Quilted Couch

About: The Serta Orthopedic Quilted Couch is a bolster dog bed with comfy yet sturdy foam, giving your dog to the option to rest its head on the edging or curl into a cozy ball.

  • 4 layers of orthopedic egg crate foam in sofa bed design
  • Cover zips off for easy machine washing
  • Comes in three colors: blue, mocha, and tan

PROS: Holds up well under cleaning, keeping its  shape and structure while providing plenty of comfy cushioning for canines.

CONS: One owner notes that the bed can generate static, although dogs don’t seem to mind.

K&H Bolster Bed

About: The K&H Bolster Bed comes from the K&H crew, known for manufacturing other dogs beds as well, such as their popular elevated dog bed.

  • Available in small, medium, large, and extra large sizing
  • Comes in eggplant or green color
  • Soft, velvety micro suede material
  • Base contains 3 inches of quality, medical grade orthopedic foam, while bolsters contain premium polyfill from recycled bottles
  • Removable covers and liners for easy machine washing

PROS: Owners say their dogs can’t get enough of these bolster beds! Pet parents note that the premium quality is obvious in everything from the piping to the stitching. Owners also like that the bed has separate zippered compartments for the bed and bolster, making it very easy to take apart and reassemble after cleaning.

CONS: One owner notes that if your dog has an accident, it’s very difficult (if not impossible) to clean the bed innards without it falling apart. This bed doesn’t seem to be very waterproof, so not a great idea if your dog is accident prone.

Bagel Bolster Dog Bed

About: The Bagel Bolster Dog Bed is an ultra-soft bolstered bed that dogs love to curl up in!

  • Available in 7 different colors, from chocolate to navy blue
  • Comes in 4 sizes, ranging from a 24-inch edition to a 52-inch version
  • Base made of durable, waterproof denier, with bolster and cushion made of comfy suede
  • Stuffing is made with premium polyester fiber fill
  • Machine washable with zippered slipcover
  • Made in the USA

PROS: Dogs love it, and owners are impressed with the mix of durability base and supportive, yet comfy cushioning.

CONS: Some owners report that the stuffing can get clumpy after several washes. Owners also note that the center pillow is quite easy to pull out, so if your dog is a digger, he might have a hard time getting comfortable in this bed.

Have you ever used any of these bolster dog beds? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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