5 Best Dog Water Fountains: Hydrate Your Hound!

best dog water fountains

Want the best and freshest water for your pooch?

Dog water fountains are a great way to keep your canine hydrated and happy – we’re explaining what you need to know about pet fountains!

Advantages of Dog Water Fountains

  • Keep Your Dog Hydrated. Staying properly hydrated is important for the health of any animal, doggies included! Dog drinking fountains makes water more appealing to pets, making them more likely to take a sip. Encouraging pets to drink up is especially important in warmer climates, where dogs can get dehydrated more quickly.
  • Prevents Water From Getting Dirty. You wouldn’t want to drink from a glass of water with bits of dirt and bugs in it, would you? Well your dog isn’t too keen on it either! Most fountains use some kind of filtration system (often charcoal filters), and the aeration provided by the moving water results in a nicer taste. Dog water fountains provide a source of fresh, clean water for your pooch that they’ll actually want to drink.
  • Prevent Potential Kidney and Liver Disease. Staying hydrated allows your dog’s kidneys to do their job of flushing out toxins, and drinking plenty of water also helps combat liver disease.

What to Consider Before Buying A Dog Fountain

  • Most Fountains Are Electric. Most dog water fountains use electricity to circulate fresh water through your dog’s bowl. Some owners may not be comfortable with leaving an electric fountain plugged in all day – in which case you may want to consider a gravity-fed dog drinking fountain.
  • Adjustable Flow. Some fountains have a knob that allows owners to adjust the flow of water. This can be handy for pets that prefer a certain water level, and allows owners to adjust water speed to make the flow quieter, if preferred.
  • Elevated Level. Certain dog fountains are raised, making it easier for senior, arthritic dogs to drink easily without needing to bend down as much.
  • Size and Water Capacity. Fountains come in varying sizes, with different water reservoir capacities. Owners with large dogs or multi-pet households will likely want to seek out pet fountains with larger water capacity.
  • How Easy Is It To Clean? Dog water fountains often need regular cleaning, but some require more cleaning than others. Most doggie drinking fountains can be disassembled and cleaned in the dishwasher (usually the top rack is the best, safest bet). However, some units may be more of a hassle to take apart than others, so keep that in mind when shopping around.

5 Best Drinking Fountains For Dogs

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain$$
Raindrop Dog Fountain$$
Heyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl$$$
Dogit Fresh & Clean Drinking Fountain$
Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog Fountain$$

Read below for more detailed reviews of the best dog water fountains!

1. Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain

About: The PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Fountain is a dog water fountain that entices your dog to stay hydrated by drinking more of that sweet H20!

  • 168 Ounce Water Capacity. Holds 168 ounces of water, which should be plenty of water for even large dogs!
  • Free-Falling Stream. The free-falling stream design encourages dogs to drink more.
  • Replaceable Filter. Includes a replaceable carbon water filter to ensure that your pup’s water is always fresh and continues to taste great.
  • Adjustable Flow. This dog water fountain has a control knob that allows you to adjust the flow of water, allowing you to increase or decrease the flow.
  • Dishwasher Safe. This dog fountain is BPA free and can be cleaned in the top shelf of your dishwasher. Owners note that regular, thorough cleaning will ensure that this dog fountain lasts for years!

PROS: Owners love how this fountain encouraged their pets to drink more and stay hydrated. Owners note that this fountain has a handy grate to stop hair from getting into the pumping mechanism, which is a nice bonus.

CONS: Owners say that in order for this fountain to function well, it really needs cleaning twice a week. For some, that’s just too much of a hassle.

2. Raindrop Dog Fountain

About: The Raindrop Stainless Steel Dog Fountain is an electric dog water fountain that keeps cool water flowing, enticing your dog to drink fresh, healthy water.dog fountain bowl

  • 60 Ounce Capacity. Holds 60 ounces of water within the bowl.
  • Stainless Steel. Made of durable and attractive high-quality stainless steel.
  • Circulates Water. Keeps water circulating, making it more appealing for your pet and encouraging them to drink more.
  • Replaceable Filter. This dog fountain uses a replaceable charcoal water filter to keep your dog’s water pure, clean, and healthy.
  • Easy to Clean. This stainless steel pet fountain is also dishwasher safe, for easy cleaning.

Pros: Very quiet motor and sleek design. Also has a re-useable filter that can be separated and cleaned – one owners notes that he purchased a large bag of filter floss and a bag of activated carbon, then filled one side of the plastic filter with floss and the other with carbon, saving tons of money over buying new filters constantly.

Cons: One owners notes that his pet wasn’t interested in the bowl at first due to a strong smelling plastic grommet. However, after running water through it for a few hours, this issue was resolved.

3. Heyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl

best dog bowls for sloppy drinkersAbout: The Heyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl is a dog fountain bowl that keeps your pup’s water flowing and moving. It’s especially handy for dogs that are sloppy drinkers!

Since this dog drinking fountain is not electric, it’s a good choice for outdoor use.

  • Half-Gallon Capacity. This bowl allows for 2 liters, aka half-gallon of water capacity, or 67 ounces.
  • Different Colors. Available in 3 colors – red, blue, and charcoal.
  • Travel Friendly. This water bowl is great for giving your dog clean water on the go, with a super portable design.
  • No Mess. This bowl maintains a low water level, which means your dog will splash less while drinking and not make such a mess.
  • Gravity-Fed. This sturdy, reliable dog water bowl doesn’t require any batteries or electricity – instead, the water is gravity fed.

PROS: Very large, durable, and sturdy, making it especially good for dogs who tend to move their bowls around and are sloppy drinkers. Also runs without electricity, so no motor noise issues.

CONS: Difficult to clean, requiring sterilizing tablets rather than traditional cleaning. Some discovered mold growing in the reservoir (although it seems these owners did not heed instructions and did not use the sterilizing tablets). Heavy and larger than many owners expected. Some also wish it was made of stainless steel or other materials rather than plastic.

4. Dogit Fresh & Clean Drinking Fountain

About: The Dogit Fresh & Clean Drinking Fountain is an affordable dog water fountain that holds a tremendous amount of water – more than any other dog drinking fountain we reviewed!
  • 200 Ounce Capacity. This dog drinking fountain holds 200 ounces of water, making it a great choice for very large dogs and multi-dog homes.
  • Includes Filter Cartridge. Comes with one filter cartridge – more can be purchased separately. It’s suggested that cartridges be replaced weekly for multiple dogs or monthly for single dog use.
  • More Oxygen. This unit’s large surface area helps add more oxygen to the water, which provides fresher, better tasting water for your dog.
  • Multi-Stage Filtration. Several layers of filtration ensure the cleanest, purist water.
  • Unique, Stylish Design. The light blue top and white base provides a unique dog water fountain design that can look cool in your kitchen!
  • Elevated Position. This fountain’s elevated design means that it’s great for older dogs with arthritis or any canines suffering from joint issues.

PROS: This fountain is quite affordable compared to others, making it a favorite. One owner notes that they find this dog water fountain much easier to clean than the Drinkwell fountain – they also found that this one needs to be cleaned less often.

CONS: It’s worth noting that this fountain does not have an adjustable speed option, as some other pet fountains do. Some owners also consider the design unattractive, although others seem to like the design, so it really depends on your preference.

5. Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog Fountain

About: The Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog Fountain is a large water capacity dog drinking fountain with multiple layers, allowing for elevated and low-down drinking.
  • 100 Ounce Water Capacity. Holds 100 ounces of water, making it a good choice for medium to large dogs.
  • Elevated Drinking Surface. The multi-layered drinking surface allow dogs to drink low or at an elevated level. This is especially handy for homes with senior arthritis dogs, so that they don’t have to bend over to drink.
  • Carbon Filter. This fountain uses a replaceable carbon filter to keep water clean and tasting good.
  • Adjustable Water Flow. Has an option to adjust the flow of water for pet’s preference.
  • Easy to Clean. Fountain can be disassembled, and the fountain parts can safely be cleaned in dishwasher (minus the pump).

PROS: The motor is fairly quiet on this fountain, and can be adjusted to your own preferences. Owners like the multiple tiers, which lets several pets drink at once. For this reason, it’s a good pick for multi-pet households

CONS: Some owners note that when this drinking fountain is low on water, it can get noisy.

Have you ever used a dog water fountain? Did it encourage your dog to drink more? Share your experiences in the comments!

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