4 Best Dog Car Seats: Car Safety With Canines

dog booster seats

Shouldn’t your best fur friend get to go along with you when you travel?

Sometimes dogs (and their owners) miss out on the fun of a trip together due to the challenges of keeping a dog safely in a car. One solution to this problem is car seats for dogs.

Reasons to Get a Dog Car Seat

1. Dog Car Seats Are A Safety Essential

Dog car seats are an essential safety measure for traveling in the car.

It can be very dangerous for your pet to be loose in a moving car if there is an accident. In car accidents, dogs become small projectiles and can injure human passengers and themselves.

2. For Small Dogs, Car Seats Offer Visibility

Our curious buddies want to see where they are going, but small dogs just can’t look out the windows easily.

Not only is this no fun for your dog, but your puppy will also bounce and jump around trying to see, which can result in upset puppy tummies.

Some dogs don’t like to stay still and want to sit on your lap while you drive. Luckily, dog booster seats offer a compromise of visibility, comfort, and safety for your dog while making trips more pleasant for you and your companion.

3. Car Sickness and Anxiety

Believe it or not, some dogs do suffer from car sickness, just like humans. Raising dogs up higher so that they can see outside and have better visibility often reduces car sickness in dogs.

Some dogs also suffer from car anxiety, which dog booster seats can also alleviate. Having a stationary car seat allows dogs to feel more secure and safe, comforting them in the car.

How to Pick a Dog Car Seat

If you are considering a car seat for a dog, there are several options. Take these factors into consideration when choosing your best dog car seat.

  • Placement. Most dog car seats attach directly to an existing seat in your car, while others sit on top of a car console.
  • Padding. Many dog car seats have some form of padding which can usually be removed for cleaning.
  • Tethers. Some come with tethers to fasten your pet more securely into their car seat, improving safety.

Note: Dog car seats come with tethers which you can use to fasten your dog into their seat. Never attach a tether directly to your dog’s collar, as this can lead to strangulation. Instead, attach the tether only to a dog harness.

Kurgo Skybox Dog Booster Seat

best dog car seat

Price: $$
Our Rating: 

  • Safety. Included tether can be connected to a harness. This is an excellent feature for safety so that your pet isn’t tempted to jump out of the seat and wander.
  • Easy cleaning. Liner can be removed and is machine washable.
  • Size. Suitable for up to 30 pounds.
  • Style and Options. This stylish dog car seat is available in 5 different styles and colors.
  • Construction. Built with metal supports. This makes the seat more sturdy so that it can support your dog and maintain its shape.

PROS: Easy to install, makes it easier for dogs to see out of the window.

CONS: Could use more padding around rim. Some buyers also note that the instructions were somewhat difficult to interpret, but since the car seat is quite easy to install, it’s not a huge problem.

Pawhut Deluxe Booster Car Seat

car seats for dogs

Price: $
Our Rating: 

  • Safety. Included tether can be attached to a harness, providing an important safety feature to help keep your dog safely in place.
  • Storage. Seat has a zippered front pocket. Dog owners know that storage for your pet’s goodies is always welcome.
  • Size. Suitable for up to 30 pounds.

PROS: The seat is easy to install, plus it can be wiped down to clean. It’s also available at a very affordable price.

CONS: Seat may droop with larger dogs.

Snoozer Luxury Console Dog Car Seat

car seats for dogs

Price: $$$
Our Rating: 

  • Safety. Includes tether to attach dog to seat. Again, this is good for safely keeping your pet in the seat.
  • Placement. Attaches to console, so your pet can sit right beside you.
  • Material. Made of two-tone micro suede cover for comfort and style.
  • Design. This dog car seat’s high back design discourages dogs from jumping to back seat, helping them stay put.
  • Easy cleaning. Exterior and interior can be removed and machine washed.
  • Size. Suitable for up to 25 pounds.

PROS: Seat allows dog to see out of the car during travel, and console positioning allows your dog to sit right beside you in comfort.

CONS: This dog car seat is much more expensive than other models and does not have many customer reviews. For this reason, we’d suggest considering other dog car seats over the Snoozer console model.

Snoozer Lookout Dog Car Seat

best dog car seats

Price: $$$
Our Rating: 

  • Attachment. Included strap attaches pet seat to car seat.
  • Easy cleaning. Cover can be removed to be machine washed and dried.
  • Material. Made with sherpa lining, keeping your dog comfortable and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The outer layer is made with a quilted nylon cover, which is great for repelling hair.
  • Style. Comes in 9 different colors and fabric options.
  • Size. Comes in a small and large size. The small is ideal for dogs up to 18 lbs, while the larger size covers dogs up to 25 lbs.

Note: If you’re struggling between the two sizes, one customer noted that for their 20lb dog, the medium was the perfect size, allowing just enough space to lie down. Larger dogs may want to try the large sized seat.

PROS: Comfortable dog car seat with a multitude of fabric and color options to suit your tastes. This canine car seat has also received a multitude of positive reviews.

CONS: May not be very secure in accident as belt loops around back of seat rather than fastening to it.

Note: If you have trouble installing this dog booster seat, take advice from this customer, who notes that in order to get a tighter instillation, you need to pull the seatbelt all the way out.

Then, while holding the seatbelt fully extended, insert it into the clasp, pull the lap belt tightly through the slots in the back of the booster seat. Then, hold it tight while you let the shoulder belt retract. This allows the seat belt to lock in a tight, sturdy installation.

We hope this guide to car seats for dogs has been helpful. Please feel free to comment with any of your own experiences, recommendations, or information regarding dog car seats! Thanks for reading!


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