6 Best Dog Bike Baskets: Safe Bicycle Riding With Dogs

dog bike basket reviews

Dog Bike Baskets: Why Get One?

A dog bike basket lets you take your canine on the road, no matter what the terrain. Dogs love the wind in their face just as much as you do, so giving your canine their own dog bike seat for rides will bring on plenty of tail-wagging.

Which Kind of Dog Bicycle Basket Is Best?

When choosing the dog bike basket that you want to buy, note that there are several different kinds of baskets for you to choose from.

Some contain leashes that hook to your pup’s collar to keep him from jumping out, while others contain domes or mesh tops that zip up. We’ll be detailing the pros and cons of several different styles.

6 Best Dog Bike Basket Reviews

We’re reviewing the 6 best dog bike baskets for your pooch so he or she can ride in style and comfort, just as you do. Each pet bicycle basket carrier is reviewed for safety, comfort, and function so that you can make an informed choice when choosing.

1. Snooze Buddy Dog Bike Basket

dog bike basket

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Easy To Install. No assembly required. Just strap on your bike and your doggie bike basket is ready to go.
  • Convenient For Storage. Collapsible so that you can store it flat in any area.
  • Plenty of Storage Pockets. Comes with multiple storage pockets, including large pocket on front and water bottle pocket on side.
  • Keeps Pet Dry. Comes with a rain cover so you can keep pooch dry in rainy emergencies.
  • Easy to Clean. The dog bike carrier is made from a wipeable micro fiber so you can easily clean messes with no problem.
  • Best for Smaller Dogs. This pet bike basket holds dogs up to 14 pounds.

Pros: Metal bracket on bottom keeps your pup from uncomfortably hitting the bike on bumps and only take seconds to install.

Cons: Clips do not always stay shut with heavier dogs.

2. Walky Easy Carrier Dog Bike Basket

dog bike carrier

Price: $$$, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Quick Assembly. Just snap the basket in and ride. Release the adapters to take off in seconds.
  • Safe and Comfortable. Includes a reflective strip for night riding and a padded bottom for comfort.
  • Large Storage Pockets. Big front envelope on front with zipper and extra large water bottle storage on the side.
  • Zipper Top. Comes with a zippered top to keep dogs from jumping out, plus a  leash for added security.
  • Multiple Uses. When you’re not riding, the padded shoulder strap can be used as a pet carrier.
  • Holds Medium Dogs: Holds dogs up to 20 pounds.

Pros: Secure bracket and floorboard keeps your dog stable throughout the ride, very lightweight for easy riding.

Cons: Clips can sometimes come undone if not secured correctly, causing problems with the safety of the basket.

3. Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basketdog bicycle basket

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers.

  • Unique Style. Brown wicker is comfortable and stylish for your pet.
  • Comfortable Sheepskin Material. Soft, cream sheepskin liner keeps your pet comfortable throughout the ride.
  • Comes with Warranty. Company offers a 1-year warranty for the basket so you can buy with peace of mind.
  • Ideal for Small Sized Dogs. Holds pets up to 13 pounds

Pros: Very stylish and comfortable, multiple straps keep the pet in and safe during the ride.

Cons: Not as easy to install as some other pet bike baskets.

4. Cocoon DoggyRide Doggie Bike Basketpet bike basket

Price: $$$, available from Amazon and other retailers

  • Multi-Functional. Can be converted to a pet bed, carrier, or car seat for your pet.
  • Mesh Dome for Protection. Comes with a cover for rainy days and a mesh dome to keep your pet inside the basket.
  • Durable, Water-Resistant Material. Made out of durable polyester and is water resistant.
  • Appropriate For Small to Medium Sized Dogs. Ideal for dogs weighing 16 pounds or less

Pros: Easily cleanable and rain proof, as well as plenty of storage.

Cons: Support system is a little more lacking than other dog bike carriers.

5. Snoozer Rear Dog Bike Basket

dog bike seat

Price: $$, available from Amazon and other retailers

  • Fast And Easy Install. Simple click system keeps the basket tight on your bike.
  • Best Used With Bicycle Rack. This dog bike basket works great with existing bicycle rack installations.
  • Safe and Clean: Easily remove the cover and wash when dirty. Comes with a reflective strip for night riding.
  • Keeps Pet Secure: Tight security strap means your pet stays put in the carrier.
  • Best for Slightly Heavier Dogs. This pet bike carrier can hold pets up to 24 lbs.

Pros: This dog bicycle seat is sturdy enough to carry heavier pets, and the secure snap system ensures your pet can’t jump out.

Cons: You won’t be able to see your pet as you’re riding.

6. Sporty Snoozer Red Dog Bicycle Basketdoggie bike basket

Price: $, available from Amazon and other retailers

  • Cleanable Microfiber Surface. Comes with an easy to clean microfiber for fast cleanups.
  • Comfortable Inner Pad. Includes an inner pad for pet comfort that can be removed if needed.
  • Safety Leash Clip. Inner leash clip keeps your pooch secure.
  • Great For For Smaller Dogs. Holds Pets up to 15 lbs

Pros: Includes an overhead mesh cover with a hole for your pup to stick his head through. Also features large pockets on the side of the dog bicycle basket allows you to bring along treats and other necessities.

Cons: Some buyers feel this carrier needs more straps for better security.

We hope this guide has helped you in deciding on the right dog bike basket for your pet! If you have any favorite recommendations you want to share, or have your own experiences with pet bicycle baskets, share your thoughts in the comments!

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